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Success Stories & Beneficiaries

NOD has helped over 70 individuals and families with over $237,000 in emergency and medical needs since its founding as a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization in 2008 .Examples of how NOD has assisted community members are described below.

Krizinne Cross is NOD’s founding member. She suffered from cancer and received chemotherapy treatments which cured her cancer, but unfortunately weakened her heart and was placed on a list for a heart transplant for over four years. To qualify to be listed she was required to relocate to Salt Lake, when on August 13th, 2010, she received her new heart through the life-giving generosity of the family of a donor. Krizinne is doing well with her new heart and will soon return to Dubois from Salt Lake City where she received her transplant and was required to live for an additional six months following transplant in order to be available for testing, exercise programs, and heart rehab.

NOD’s role in helping Krizinne was to provide financial assistance for rent and utilities for house rent, etc. in Dubois while awaiting her heart transplant and afterwards during her cardiac rehabilitation. Much of the fundraising for Krizinne came through the High Country Cowboy Gathering, in addition to community members and friends donating to NOD. Between special earmarks and NOD’s general fund, we were able to support Krizinne through her pre-surgery, surgery, and recovery periods. See the Dubois Frontier article written shortly after the surgery here.

Dubois Fire


Not long after the fire in Dubois (December 30, 2014) started, two individuals began collecting donations for fire relief through the website. Those individuals decided to turn those funds over to Needs of Dubois for distribution. This seed money allowed NOD to create an 'earmarked' account to collect donations directly for fire relief. 

With the outpouring of support from across the country, NOD received around $91,000 in fire relief donations (including those from gofundme). In order to prioritize distribution of funds according to its bylaws (which require NOD to pay service providers directly for daily survival needs), NOD required those seeking aid to fill out a Dubois Fire Application for Assistance, which was due in mid-January, 2015. After that date, NOD reviewed applications, prioritized payments based on need, and began distribution of funds to service providers. Applicant expenses that were paid included rent, utilities (propane, electric, water/garbage, telephone, etc.), medical insurance premiums, medical service payments, hotel/gas/food for medical related trips, gas, and groceries, along with some mortgage and vehicle insurance payments (which are not normally covered with non-earmarked (regular) applications; NOD's general fund could not sustain those payments). NOD also paid closeout utilities for some of the businesses as well as some payments related to business re-establishment. Some of the funds donated to NOD were transferred to St. Thomas Episcopal Church Outreach Fund for fire relief. St. Thomas had the ability, unlike NOD, to make payments directly to those affected by the fire for contents loss. Virtually all of the donated fire relief funds have now been expended.

Donations to Needs of Dubois for fire relief were made:

  • In honor of Margaret's January 12 birthday.

  • In loving memory of William (Bill) D. Griffith and all the happy time we spent in Dubois.

  • In memory of Paul and Gladys Hawley

  • In memory of Jorge Morales

  • On behalf of Jana Krmpotich

  • In thanks to and honor of Lois and Mark Wingerson and friends in Dubois who made me so welcome on their behalf 

Other donations came with very kind words for the Dubois community:

  • "My heart goes out to Dubois. I know you are strong."

  • "Dubois is a town I've come to know and love over the past few years as genuine and loyal. May God bless the merchants who lost so much, the firefighters for all their hard work, and the rest of the community for being there."

  • "[We] are horribly sorry about the tragic fire that destroyed so much of Dubois, and badly damaged the hopes and dreams and livelihoods of so many."

  • "The people of Dubois have supported ...[our]...activities; it is time for us to step forward when Dubois is in a time of need."

  • "Like so many other Wyoming residents, I feel that Dubois is the place I would live if I could! So sorry about the fire..."

  • "The whole state is behind you in their prayers."


St. Anthony's Tri-Parish Catholic School in Casper, WY, held a cake auction and student-teacher volleyball game to raise money for fire relief. They sent a donation check, along with 88 letters from students to Our Lady of the Woods Catholic Church. Our Lady turned the funds and letters over to Needs of Dubois. Funds were used to assist a fire applicant with business startup costs while the letters were on display at the Dubois Library from the middle to the end of March, 2015. The letters were given to various entities throughout Dubois, including those who applied for fire relief funds, the Dubois Volunteer Fire Department, and the Town of Dubois. The remainder were returned to Our Lady of the Woods.

Needs of Dubois, along with the rest of the Dubois community, gives a special 'tip of the hat' to all the generous donors who have helped people in Dubois get back on their feet. We are all looking forward to seeing what the new face of Dubois will look like after new buildings are in place!

January 10, 2015 Press Release

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