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Needs of Dubois (NOD) began because a young mother in our community needed a heart transplant. Many in the community wanted a way to help her and her family. We brainstormed and came to the conclusion that there are others in Dubois who could benefit as well.

NOD was then organized in 2008 as a non-profit organization to relieve poverty and distress within the Dubois and Crowheart, Wyoming, communities by seeking charitable donations of funds from the general public and from fund raising events. NOD will expend funds raised, after providing for reasonable administrative costs, to eligible applicants of the Dubois and Crowheart, Wyoming, communities who are unable to provide for themselves or for members of their immediate family vital needs for housing, medical care, food, or other needs for daily survival. NOD may extend this assistance to eligible applicants who are experiencing distress due to unemployment caused by catastrophe, disability, injury, or from any other event rendering them physically or mentally unable to engage in employment. No fees or membership requirements will be required of a person receiving NOD financial aid. 


NOD’s members are volunteers. The NOD Board and Application Committee are elected from members in January of each year. NOD has no salaried employees. Legal and accounting services are obtained from a local accountant, who volunteers her services. NOD’s accountant provides monthly, quarterly, and annual statements to the membership and annual reports to the State of Wyoming.

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